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Analyst Development Program (ADP)

Location: Fool Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
# of openings: 3


World’s Best Investors Wanted

The Motley Fool is looking for the best group of investor analysts in the world.

If investing is your undying passion - followed closely by the ancient art of roller disco or paddle boarding on the Amazon - our Analyst Development Program (ADP) is for you!  ADP is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your investing skills to the next level. (We can’t teach you disco skills or how to fight off piranhas, but we’ll encourage you all the way.)

Selected candidates will hone their investing, analytical, and communication chops through study, practice, and hands-on application in our best-in-the-nation work environment. You’ll get the chance to expand upon your investing foundation, being challenged and mentored by many of our company’s greatest investors, and to develop a business-focused, forward-thinking, and independent mindset.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?  This year’s ADP class will begin on June 20, 2014. The ADP interview period will be from mid April to mid May.

Position Overview and Responsibilities

  • You’ll work in-house in our Alexandria, Va., office, for approximately 40 hours per week.
  • You’ll split your time between development and contributing to various Fool stock-picking newsletter and portfolio service teams.
  • Development Responsibilities:
    • Learn, develop, and refine equity analysis techniques and methodologies to pick great stocks, build lasting portfolios, and share with the world
    • Build your own, personalized investing style and brand and refine your investing process
    • Understand and apply a variety of investing styles, including Foolish investing principles
    • Build a multi-disciplinary approach to thinking about businesses and investing
    • Get out of your comfort zone, stretch your boundaries, fail, and get better
  • Team Contribution Responsibilities:
    • Analyze companies and present your business and investment assessments to others
    • Field difficult investment questions from other writers and editors
    • Monitor, analyze, and opine about existing investment recommendations
    • Write articles and produce creative content to The Motley Fool’s top-ranked newsletters
    • Financially edit and spot check other analysts’ and advisors’ articles and investment recommendations
    • Interacting with subscribing members via discussion boards regarding news on recommended companies, investment thesis developments, portfolio actions, and all things Foolish

Core Competencies

  • "Get" Foolishness and understand the Fool ethos
  • Demonstrate a sustained passion for investing and the pursuit of worldly wisdom
  • Think rationally and exhibit uncommon sense
  • Be able to learn from others and accept constructive criticism
  • Read voraciously across many subjects – and be an all-around interesting person
  • Write clearly and engagingly
  • Be flexible, learn quickly, and have unflappable critical thinking skills
  • Prove your ability to be an adaptive team player and achieve group goals
  • Have a great sense of humor, even under pressure

Preferred Qualities

  • A solid understanding of financial statements and their interplay
  • Detailed knowledge of investment analysis, including equity valuation experience
  • A basic understanding of the competitive forces companies face
  • A grasp of basic economic principles
  • Obsession with personal analytical development
  • An interest in behavioral psychology
  • The desire to be a great communicator

Education and Job Knowledge

  • Demonstrated experience with and passion for investing
  • A track record of excellence
  • College degree is desirable but not essential

The Motley Fool, Inc. provides equal opportunity to all employees on the basis of individual performance and qualification without regard to race, sex, marital status, religion, color, age, national origin, non-job-related handicap or disability, sexual orientation, or other protected factor.

We should, however, make you aware that there is one notable exception to this policy. It is our strict and earnest intention — and the company’s historical record will bear this out — we will never hire any of the following: cyborgs, robots, replicants, or morlocks. Now keep in mind we are well aware that all of the aforementioned have intentions of world domination in the future, but as of now we have no place for them at The Motley Fool … unless the year is 2122 and the revolution has already occurred. If that is the case we welcome our new cyborg, robot, replicant, or morlock rulers!!! Perhaps we have said too much?

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