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Location: New York
Job Code: 0008


We are always looking for critical thinkers in search of new challenges. Roles at Two Sigma are fluid, and opportunities can be found at the intersection of ideas and capabilities.

Are you interested in joining Workplace Services and Administrative Support at Two Sigma but not sure which role would be the best fit? If you would like to be considered, we welcome you to apply below.

Workplace Services and Administrative Support at Two Sigma

These integral groups help to ensure that the system that is Two Sigma runs smoothly.

Workplace Services

The Two Sigma office environment fosters our unique culture and encourages the spirit of collaboration and intellectual curiosity. Workplace Services helps makes this a reality.

  • The Real Estate, Design, and Construction team plays an essential role in shaping the spaces where Two Sigma lives and thrives. These professionals are responsible for developing an agile real estate strategy and building highly functional, task-driven collaborative workspaces. We take a holistic approach and give careful thought to how our environment affects our employees – their mindset, as well as their ability to collaborate and work productively. Our focus is on the convergence of space, technology, and people.
  • The Facilities Management team cares for Two Sigma’s office environments and is constantly striving to improve efficiency. They ensure that our space is maintained beautifully and runs smoothly.  Every employee is a customer, and each customer is treated with care.
  • The Office Services team provides Two Sigma employees with a first-class user experience, concierge style. Whether it’s ensuring the smooth running of our amenity or conference spaces, provision of a front of house that runs like clockwork, or the execution of a special event, the team aims to handle every request with professionalism, efficiency, and a collaborative hands-on approach – representative of the Two Sigma culture.
  • Two Sigma has a dedicated Events Production team which focuses solely on supporting many of the great celebratory and team building efforts underway.

Administrative Support

Two Sigma’s executive assistants and administrative assistants work with managers and teams across the organization and are masters of multitasking in a fast-paced environment.

Their responsibilities are broad, diverse, and crucial to making things happen every day. They handle everything from facilitating communication to handling logistics such as managing calendars. Our culture is collaborative, and these well-rounded and agile team members work on a range of special projects tailored to the individual and the function they support.

With a collaborative approach, the team develops and advances company strategy, supports the growth of core business areas, fosters new idea generation, and leads expansion into new markets, geographies and businesses, as just a few examples. With an extensive and deep network of relationships and business partners, we are always thinking about the trends shaping our industry and how we are positioned for future growth and success.

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