Job Description

Job Title: Senior GIS Coordinator   Application Deadline: Open until filled
Job Category: Research   Department: WCO
Location: Dakar, Senegal   Appointment Duration: 1 Year
Job Code: 14-163   Position Type: Renewable
Recruitment Type: International   US FLSA Status: Exempt


Job Summary:

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks a qualified candidate to serve as a Senior GIS Coordinator for its country Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (SAKSS) project for a one-year, fixed-term, exempt, renewable appointment. The position reports to the Office Head, East and Southern Africa Regional Office and is based in Dakar, Senegal.

IFPRI is currently working with the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS) to establish SAKSS nodes in 12 African countries. Country SAKSS nodes provide policy-relevant analyses, data, and tools to improve policymaking, fill knowledge gaps, promote dialogue, and facilitate benchmarking and review processes associated with the implementation agenda of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

The successful candidate will work closely with ReSAKSS nodes in east, southern and west Africa to coordinate IFPRI’s capacity strengthening support to enable country SAKSS nodes to i) acquire necessary geographic information systems (GIS) and economic analysis tools and platforms, ii) develop the IT infrastructure for GIS, iii) develop GIS and economic analysis expertise, and iv) conduct GIS and economic analysis activities.

Essential Duties:

The successful candidate will perform and strengthen the capacity of country SAKSS nodes to carry out the following activities:
•    Conducting data, statistical, and econometric analyses, including spatial econometrics and spatial statistics using biophysical and socio-economic datasets
•    Documenting, cataloguing, and managing national and regional spatial data sets
•    Manipulating and geo-referencing different spatial and non-spatial data formats, e.g. household, tabular, raster, and vector
•    Articulating and implementing spatial (primarily raster-based) analysis tasks required to generate GIS related technical outputs for country SAKSS nodes, e.g., reclassification, reprojection, multi-criteria model building, network analysis 
•    Developing tools within the ArcGIS environment to systematize routine GIS procedures including standardized query and retrieval options to generate datasets for biophysical and economic models  and developing visualization tools to guide agricultural policymaking and debate processes
•    Designing database schema and managing geo-spatial databases using specific GIS and other systems capable of handling a variety of geographically referenced data
•    Developing expertise in the identification and implementation of GIS management information system methods 
•    Preparing documents defining databases and analytical methods and collaborating on writing technical articles and papers for presentation and publication
•    Assisting country SAKSS teams in the interpretation and visualization of data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps,  reports, and charts
•    Conducting spatial analysis and developing GIS tools and platforms using open source software and ArcGIS suites
•    Developing metadata for datasets

Required Qualifications: 

•    PhD in Agricultural Economics, Economics, Geography,  Environmental Science, Engineering,  Natural Resource Economics, or related field plus 3-5 years of experience performing econometric, statistical, and data analyses including spatial econometrics and spatial statistics or Masters degree in Agricultural Economics, Economics, Geography,  Environmental Science, Engineering,  Natural Resource Economics, or related field plus 10 years of experience performing econometric, statistical, and data analyses including spatial econometrics and spatial statistics
•    Experience working with household survey data 
•    Experience using major statistical software packages such as STATA 
•    Significant experience using commercial and open source GIS including Desktop and Server software suites such as ArcGIS Desktop and Server, QGIS, or GRASS
•    3-5 years of experience performing geospatial analysis 
•    Familiarity with spatial and non-spatial data management, processing, and analysis
•    Familiarity with applying internet-based mapping tools and related languages (e.g. OpenLayer, HTML)
•    Knowledge of metadata standards and formats 
•    Proficient and experience in the use of an appropriate database, object-oriented, or procedural programming language supporting both the manipulation of large data bases (usually raster GIS files), and the utilization of spatial analytical programming tools such as VBA and Python 
•    Knowledge of the application of agricultural production or natural resource process models (e.g. crop simulation, soil degradation, crop-livestock systems), preferably in a spatial and economic context
•    Results oriented, ability to communicate well, including the ability to generate quality written outputs describing technical work
•    Experience in coordinating research and capacity building related to agricultural and food policy and ability to train others effectively
•    Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and ability to work cooperatively in a multi-cultural environment
•    Ability to travel
•    Excellent written and spoken English and a working knowledge of French

Preferred Qualifications:

•    Sound knowledge of international agricultural policy, economic development, and natural resources
•    Knowledge or familiarity with CAADP and experience working on Africa
•    Skilled in programming in STATA, MATLAB and managing household datasets

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