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Location: Baltimore BHACC
Job Code: 1545



Direct and organize the day-to-day management of inpatient hospital and outpatient care in the Bravo Health Advanced Care Center to patients. Cultivate and maintain strong working relationships with the chiefs of staff, medical staff and specialists including office personnel in the inpatient and outpatient clinic setting. Provide services in the outpatient setting at the Bravo Advanced Care Center. Perform physician services including advising and counseling patients regarding the most appropriate way to meet their healthcare needs, performing physician assessment and evaluation of their problems, and providing the appropriate information regarding physicians, specialist services, end of life programs, and other Bravo Advanced Care Center capabilities. Advise physicians and their office staff regarding appropriate medical management strategies and customer service responsibilities.

Bravo Health is committed to providing a high level of inpatient care to patients in our Plan. Bravo Health Advanced Care Center believes that inpatient care is best provided by dedicated hospitalists employed on a full-time basis. Hospitalists in our organization work in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. As the nature of providing health care makes it virtually impossible to plan for or account for every contingency, a generous salary and performance incentive is provided to compensate for the variable nature of this work. The items listed below identify the conditions and expectations of the Hospitalist Physician position. This list is not all inclusive. However, it does reflect the basic framework and duties for the position.


  • Each physician will be scheduled an equal number of each shift rotating between the inpatient and outpatient facility setting as part of his/her salary requirement. Additional shifts when authorized will be paid at the established rate per shift.
  • Responds to all Bravo patient presentation in the Emergency Department making the determination of the most appropriate level of care for the patient. This will involve discharges, admissions, and facilitating transfers to the Bravo Advanced Care Center or alternate providers (SNF, Home Health).
  • Physicians are responsible for all patients in a Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • Physicians will work with case managers to ensure appropriate length of stay, efficient use of resources and appropriate follow up care.
  • Physicians will work with facility care managers to provide appropriate and timely use of resources (ensuring appropriate and timely use of diagnostic and ancillary services).
  • Physicians are expected to respond to requests for evaluation of a patient from an inpatient floor or Emergency Department in a timely manner (45 minutes or less).
  • Physicians will coordinate ICU cases and consult with specialists as necessary.
  • Physicians will use the level of care necessary for the safe treatment of their patients.
  • Physicians are responsible for seeing patients in the outpatient Bravo Advanced Care Center. Patients in need of acute care (urgent services) will be seen in the center on a walk-in, post discharge, or same day service appointment.
  • Physicians are expected to participate in weekly Utilization Review meetings during which the status of all inpatients will be reviewed and Continuing Medical Education topics may be presented and discussed.
  • Physicians are expected to complete dictation of all histories/physicals, progress notes, procedure notes, consult, follow-up, and discharge notes in a timely manner.
  • Physicians are expected to communicate with Primary Care Physicians and Specialists in a timely manner.
  • Physician documentation of all diagnoses and services rendered to patient in the Bravo Electronic Medical Record for appropriate billing and recording is expected.
  • Perform Medical Staff duties including membership on hospital committees.
    Maintain licensure and participate in continuing medical education to keep abreast of knowledge and expertise in the hospitalist field.
  • Perform other duties as required consistent with Hospitalist services provided to patients.

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Maryland licensed physician
  • Extensive training and/or experience in hospital medicine
  • Career interest in hospital medicine and medical management of acutely ill patients
  • Board certification in internal medicine
  • ACLS certification
  • Long-term interest in Bravo Advanced Care Center


Detailed knowledge of hospitalist physician programs and services. Supervisory experience, organizational skills and excellent communication abilities are necessary. Marketing and public relations skills are required. Knowledge of insurance/managed care processes is required, along with knowledge of appropriate scope of hospitalist physician practice and ability to articulate this scope of practice. A high level of diplomacy and creative problem-solving, priority-setting, and critical-thinking skills are necessary for operations of area. Ability to treat acutely ill patients in an outpatient setting offering hydration, IV antibiotics, wound care and other services. Experience with Medicare and Medicaid populations.


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