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Information Management/IT Test & Evaluation Analyst

Opened Date: 1/22/14
Location: Fort Sam Houston, TX
Job Order #: VAMD2260
No. of Openings: 1
Rate of Pay: DOE
Duration of Contract: 12 months with 2 one-year options


Information Management and Information Technology (IM/IT) Test and Evaluation Analyst contractor is needed to provide support to our client in Fort Sam Houston, TX.  Contractor must be able to act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in operational test and evaluation of medical equipment, medical automated information systems, technology, and medically related software, with a minimum of 2 years experience as a test officer, systems engineer, information management and information technology specialist, or operations research systems analyst. A bachelor’s degree in systems engineering, information management and information technology, or operations research systems shall be deemed sufficient to meet the 2 years experience as a test officer.


  • Serve as a Test Officer and Lead Test Planner/Analyst for medical equipment, medical automated information systems, technology, and medically related software, developed through the medical material acquisition process
  • Plan, prepare, and submit long range program goals for the test and evaluation of medical equipment, medical automated information systems, technology, and medically related software
  • Assist in developing test and evaluation objectives
  • Help ensure test objectives are met by considering all systems employed in air and ground combat service support units, stateside fixed facilities (including medical treatment facilities within the Department of Defense and the Veterans Affairs), the environments in which conflicts may develop, and the status of troops
  • Be responsible for analyzing situations, identifying potential problems, and implementing corrective actions by communicating test planning and report documents orally and in writing
  • Formulate a test and evaluation strategy for coordination and execution. This includes identifying test resources (test resource plan/resume sheet), writing and staffing of a working relationship memorandum and personnel tasker
  • Provide input into the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), the System Evaluation Plan (SEP), the Risk Assessment (RA) and be responsible for staffing processes of these documents
  • Create and execute the Operational Test Readiness Review (OTRR) process as outlined in AR 73-1/ATEC 73-1
  • Review system requirements documents, acquisition program baseline documentation, acquisition decision memoranda, to inform the test and evaluation strategy
  • Effectively communicate relevant project information to superiors in the form of oral briefings and written reports and review administrative requirements for the Test and Evaluation mission and Data Collection Efforts for TOE and TDA units
  • Formulate an event design plan (EDP) which shall include sections covering an introduction, event description, analytic methodology, and data management for the system under test
  • Be the lead test officer and/or the assistant test officer for systems assigned
  • Adhere to cost, schedule, and performance milestones
  • Coordinate and facilitate interaction between the US Army Medical Department Board and test site personnel to resolve any issues that may arise having direct bearing on the completion of any test event
  • Conduct all test events IAW AR73-1 and ATEC 73-1 within the prescribed timeframe allocated to that particular system under test
  • Write a test report or a test data report (report type will be decided depending on the system under test) documenting the results of all test events.  The test report shall include an executive summary, test description, test details, and supplemental data if necessary
  • Author, co-author, and edit technical documents to be approved prior to distribution to government agencies and the US Army Medical Department Board customers.  These documents will typically be between 1 and 75 pages long.  The document quality shall be baccalaureate or higher level writing skill sets as assessed against the US Army Medical Department Board Style Manual, professional, and academic/technical writing principles


  • Must be able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance
  • Must have an understanding of the different types of operational testing and be able to implement facets of technical and developmental test results into operational test planning. The level of knowledge and understanding of medical and medical related systems/processes that support it must be at a level that will generate specialized advice and resolution of issues concerning research and development for materiel and concepts
  • Must have knowledge of Automated Data Processing (ADP) and highly technical instrumentation applications used to collect, analyze, and publish data to insure test efficiency and the attainment of useful data
  • Must have the ability to make significant deviations from established test procedures and/or developing concepts for new medical or medically related systems to properly evaluate test items
  • Must possess the knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirements of the test directive, repeating tests as necessary to ensure validity and statistical reliability and/or plan and conduct additional tests to obtain all required data
  • Must have the capabilities to evaluate individual test results, draw inferences and conclusions from collective observations made during tests, failures in material and causes of deficiencies, and identifying the probable remedial action as required
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of medical and medical related equipment, automated information/technology systems, and subsystems, including uses, physical properties, applicability of current and evolving technology to prospective medical materiel, organizations, training and doctrine; medical related support and support systems and a detailed knowledge of the materiel acquisition process
  • Must have the knowledge and capabilities to independently perform difficult and complex assignments related to planning of operational test and evaluation and making course of action recommendations to our client's Board during the decision meetings and conferences. The knowledge must be sufficient to perform difficult and complex assignments relating to planning of Army research and development with emphasis on operational test and evaluation of medical equipment and medical automated information systems

Additional Information:

We are unable to sponsor H1B Visa’s and/or subcontract to Third Party Vendors.  ONLY W2 contractors should apply.

OUTSOURCE provides great benefits to our contractors:  Access to Pre-tax Benefits, i.e. Commuter benefits, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), 401(k) Savings Plan, and Direct Deposit.

To learn more about OUTSOURCE, we welcome you to please visit our corporate website at www.ocsi.co. Thank you for your interest in our jobs. We look forward to seeing your resume!

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