Location: Columbia, SC Facility
Job Code: CO-1111-MIL
# of openings: 1




Under broad general work direction, is responsible for providing the pasta manufacturing operation with the blend of semolina that consistently meets with AIPC specifications through continuous monitoring of incoming wheat quality (raw materials), mastery of the milling process, and effective utilization of “Lights-Out” technology.





·         Responsible for providing general direction of day-to-day activities in order to meet the schedule and production requirements of a 24-hour shift.

·         Will work a 12 hour night shift from 6pm – 6am to diagnose any problems that may arise during “Lights-out” operations and bring the mill back online after those issues have been resolved.

·         Oversees the durum milling process and utilization of “Lights-out” technology to ensure designated quality levels of “finished” products attended and unattended.

·         Directs blends of semolina and clear flours to pasta plant operations or loadout facility.  Also directs the binning of by-products from milling operations.

·         Participates in evaluation of semolina, dry pasta and cooked pasta cuttings. 

·         Responsible for collection of samples of previously mentioned processes for laboratory analysis, subsequently makes adjustments to the mill according to analytical data received. 

·         Oversees unloading of raw materials and provides input as to where the proper destination of those materials is located.

·         Determines on a daily basis (or as-needed) which blends provide the optimum characteristics for producing AIPC specified semolina.

·         Must be capable of performing reliable laboratory analysis on finished products.

·         Responsible for the completion of mill production and inventory reports on a routine basis.

·         Coordinates activities with other department personnel in order to keep the mill and the pasta plant running at optimum performance levels.

·         Responsible for the production of quality, safe and legal product.

·         A key participant in regular preventative maintenance planning and activities to ensure peak mill performance.

·         Directs Mill Operator in performance of necessary operational duties.

·         Active participant in training and development of new and experienced team members in milling operations.

·         Responsible for duties as assigned by the Head Miller and Mill Manager. 




·         Meet targeted goals for semolina extraction.

·         Mill operating efficiency of  97.5%.

·         Maintain AIB superior rating.

·         Zero lost time accidents.

·         Semolina quality – ash, speck count, color.




  • Bachelor's Degree in Milling Science and Management (or equivalent).
  • Must be familiar with and have the ability to evaluate and utilize computerized software and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, and make decisions relative to the necessary adjustments that must be made in order to produce the desired quality of mill products and meet production goals set forth by management. 
  • A high level of communication skills are necessary for the purposes of interacting with various departments, levels of employees, and management within the company. 
  • Tasks performed involve work with equipment, materials and/or procedure that require familiarity with formal safety procedures and the following of these procedures in order maintain the safety of the work environment. 
  • Additionally, tasks performed involve working during “Lights-out” operation to diagnose and resolve issues that may arise during those hours, authority on equipment function and operation, evaluation of PLC programming and communication with PLC programmers to most effectively utilize “Lights-Out” technology, supervision and knowledge of sanitation requirements and effective means of meeting those requirements, familiarity of material handling and safety procedures in order to maintain safe work environment and ensure delivery of safe, quality product.  


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