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Senior Bioinformatics Technical Product Manager

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Senior Bioinformatics Technical Product Manager

Ingenuity is a group of creative, energetic people helping life science researchers understand the biological mechanisms that cause human disease. Ingenuity’s industry-leading technology platform was built by our team of interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial researchers, scientists and engineers that are passionate about improving human health through the intelligent use of semantic technologies. We have used this technology to develop the industry-leading analytic platform for pathway analysis and systems biology research, and are now expanding to develop new solutions for the life sciences and healthcare markets. We are passionate about our users, our products, our technology, and our vision, and are looking for intelligent, talented, and entrepreneurial developers who are eager to join our world-class team. Ingenuity is a professional work environment, valuing work life balance.


As a Bioinformatics Technical Product Manager, you will work with a dynamic and agile team to help open up the Ingenuity platform to bioinformatics partners, customers and users. This is an excellent position for an experienced bioinformatician or technically-inclined NGS specialist with experience working with customers, strong project management skills, excellent interpersonal and technical communication capabilities (written and oral), interested in moving into a more business-focused role that spans product, technology, and customer service. A strong candidate will enjoy both the external- and internal- facing activities, and be able to move smoothly between them.

This position supports Ingenuity’s DataStream initiative. DataStream is working to expose and extend ingenuity’s APIs, data technologies, and business models that will allow the Ingenuity platform to integrate the Ingenuity product line (including Ingenuity Variant Analysis, Ingenuity iReport, and IPA) with a broad range of business and customer scientific workflows. These integrations allow Ingenuity and our bioinformatics partners to provide simple, fast, high-quality solutions to scientists and clinicians across a range of use cases.

As a hands-on technical product manager working on Ingenuity’s integration technology, you will balance your time between helping Ingenuity build out DataStream features and capabilities, and then applying these capabilities to develop new integrated genomic data analysis solutions and workflows that span Ingenuity and partner technologies. As key member of the internal DataStream team, you will work with us to improve our methods for opening up the Ingenuity platform to bioinformatics partners. Much of this will be driven by hands on experience, and thus you will spend much of your time engaging directly with partners, customers, and end users to define, develop, and deliver new, powerful, high-value workflow integrations that serve mutual customers and users interested in streamlined access to Ingenuity’s product line.


Essential Functions:

  • As a bioinformatics technical product manager focusing on partner integrations, your primary focus will be developing and applying Ingenuity’s DataStream capabilities to expand the scope and range of our partnerships and collaborations to benefit mutual scientific and clinical customers. You will work with Ingenuity’s business development, commercial operations, and technical teams to define, deliver, and support bioinformatics automation an scientific workflow integrations across Ingenuity’s product line, including Ingenuity Variant Analysis, Ingenuity iReport, and IPA, and define and improve the underlying DataStream technical capabilities require to scale and support such integrations.
  • You will be a key member of the delivery team responsible for using DataStream to define, deliver and support multiple technical and scientific workflow integrations with Ingenuity’s partners and customers, initially focused on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and workflows. As such, you will work closely with Ingenuity partners and strategic customers, serving as bioinformatics point-of-contact for these engagements and owning the technical and scientific success of the project. You will be expected to identify and understand key research and clinical business needs, in particular insofar as they leverage NGS data analysis, and help conceptualize powerful new workflows that leverage ingenuity’s best-in-class informatics solutions.
  • Use your experience with specific integrations, as well as your deep understanding of customer and partner needs to help shape and deliver the DataStream technology roadmap. You will work closely with your partners as well as Ingenuity internal developers, scientific and technical leadership, product management, customer service and other internal groups to identify, prioritize, develop, and deliver improved features and capabilities in DataStream  technology components, including API, integrations, and data (file formats, different types of datasets, etc.). Your first-hand experience working with partners to roll out new NGS (and other) integrations will serve as a key source of input to drive the DataStream technology roadmap.
  • You will have hands-on Technical Product Management responsibility for the DataStream initiative, using agile product development methodologies, including:
    • Iterative software development, including planning and developing in sprints using story based requirements management.
    • Working with agile planning tools like TargetProcess, JIRA, and Kanban boards to manage backlogs and enhancement requests.
    • Change management practices such as continuous deployment, daily stand ups, and Scrum methods.
  • You will communicate engagement project status, risks as well as DataStream development priorities and release planning to internal Bioinformatics, QA, Content, Engineering, and Management teams to help manage our entire solution portfolio. You may be asked to contribute in a variety of ways beyond the DataStream initiative to help the company succeed and help our customers better the world.
  • By working closely with Ingenuity stakeholders to conceptualize, define and deliver DataStream capabilities and support the internal team in delivering on key integration milestones, you will ensure that our partner collaborations stay on track and remains focused on delivering high-quality technical, scientific and workflow integrations to our customers.
  • You will work with our business, marketing and customer support teams to ensure that these integrations are rolled out successfully to customers, including maintenance, documentation, training and support.
  • Throughout the process, you must be great at asking questions with charming tenacity until you have a crystal clear picture of what needs to happen, and then guiding the delivery teams to make it happen.
  • You will build strong collaboration and partnership with other bioinformatics, engineering, and content teams to influence best practices in bioinformatics software development and infuse quality throughout the product development life cycle.
  • You will use and help continuously improve Ingenuity’s Agile iterative software development process, especially insofar as there may be unique quality assurance needs for bioinformatics software and/or data.
  • Think from a customer as well as partner perspective, and creatively solve end-user problems.



  • Bioinformatics leadership: strong customer and/or consulting skills and demonstrated leadership among partners and within bioinformatics development teams delivering solutions to a large base of customers, clients or active users.
  • Strong focus on tactical execution and partner satisfaction: you will own integration projects from a technical delivery standpoint, and will be the hub and center of managing the day-to-day activities of the full engagement team. You may be expected to manage several of these engagements in parallel.
  • Agile project management experience: Experience leading the development and support of web- and internet-based bioinformatics tools and services with a significant customer or client base. Experience with or demonstrated understanding of theory and practical aspects of Agile Development Methodologies as applied to data-driven software products is required.
  • Partner and user needs assessment: This is a technical bioinformatics role, with a specific focus on system integration, workflow automation, usability, and overall customer experience. As such, you will be required to deeply understand and empathize with the scientific user needs and tasks that will be supported by our integrations, and to translate these needs – in close collaboration with our partners – into specific technical requirements for the bioinformatics integration.
  • Solution conceptualization and requirements definition: you will work with the Ingenuity technical teams to map requirements into specific improvements or changes to our bioinformatics solutions, including DataStream APIs, services, system components, and workflows.
  • Technical pitching and presenting: you will be responsible for first contact with bioinformatics integration teams and leads at Ingenuity partners and customers, supporting Ingenuity sales, business development and corporate development leads.
  • Technical writing and communication: you will be expected to create and deliver bioinformatics technical materials (documentation, presentations, sample code, technical case studies, etc.) to support such engagements.
  • Diplomat and translator: as necessary, you will help non-scientific members of Ingenuity understand the underlying scientific or bioinformatics  drivers behind specific requirements, and work with them to ensure the implemented solution meets those needs.
  • Strong cross-functional skills: good at driving collaboration between fast-moving departments and companies, adding just enough project management structure to keep things moving while maintaining agility and speed.
  • Deal management: You may be asked to serve as primary external point of contact for specific partnerships, and will thus be responsible for managing the relationship with the partner throughout the project duration and acting as the main point of contact between partner and the broader Ingenuity organization.
  • Issue resolution: You will work with your counterpart at Ingenuity’s partners to resolve problems that arise, acting as the escalating point if issues arise that cannot be resolved within the delivery team itself.
  • Strong knowledge of molecular biology and genetics, including experience analyzing human sequence / genome datasets using bioinformatics techniques.
  • Supporting core business development activities: you may be asked to help define any formal components of the partner relationship, including technical requirements and contracts.
  • Team player who enjoys working with cross-functional groups of engineers, scientists, software developers, logicians, and product managers.
  • Excellent login, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills
  • Self-starter, who is detailed, thorough, organized, and has proven ability to independently prioritize and scope work as needed to meet business objectives.
  • Excellent time management, organizational and multitasking skills.


  • Wetlab experience running analyzing NGS experiments.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and run NGS analysis pipelines as well as using Ingenuity’s genomic data analysis products.
  • Knowledge of Java or Python a plus.
  • Experience with user interface and workflow design as applied to bioinformatics use cases.



  • 3+ years’ experience with bioinformatics software product management, consulting or customer-facing technical leadership (must be external facing)
  • 2+ years’ experience with NGS and genomic tools and data formats


  • 1+ years’ experience in molecular biology research
  • 1+ years’ experience in a genomic research lab, core facility, or other service capacity that involved delivery of high quality services to outside clients.



  • B.S. in Bioinformatics, Computer Science with demonstrated biology and genetics knowledge; or equivalent industry experience. This is a highly technical role and thus demonstrated bioinformatics knowledge and capabilities are required.


  • M.S. in Bioinformatics; Computer Science with demonstrated biology and genetics knowledge; or equivalent industry experience.


  • Little or no travel required.


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