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Location: ArenaNet, Bellevue, WA


If you're excited by the prospect of designing asset pipelines, optimizing feature iteration, and acting as a force-multiplier for a large, successful studio, then we are looking for you. ArenaNet is seeking an experienced tools programmer to join one of the world’s most successful online MMO game studios and help us architect the next evolution of our internal development tools.

As a tools programmer at ArenaNet, you'll be contributing to our core tools platform, an adaptable framework upon which all of our art, design and programming tools are built. You'll be writing C# and C++ code to provide a flexible toolchain that other developers can easily customize to meet the needs of their individual features, creating shared data representation APIs to enable live-edit loops between our tools and our games, and streamlining the daily workflows of a 300-person team creating online worlds that redefine the conventions of the genre.

Tools engineering at ArenaNet isn't about moving buttons around on a UI, it's about understanding what makes our developers tick and working with them to create software that lets them do their jobs more effectively. It's about solving the unique and complex challenges that come with building games at a massive scale. Interested in how we do things differently? Send us an email and a resume and we'll tell you all about it.


  • Extensive knowledge of C# and C++.
  • Knowledge of Python or IronPython.
  • Experience designing and building large, extensible software systems.
  • The ability to break down, analyze, and optimize complex software and processes.
  • Self-motivated, with a drive to constantly improve yourself and your peers.
  • The ability and desire to collaborate regularly with team members of all disciplines.
  • Experience in the game industry is preferred, but not required.

Code Samples
In order to complete your application for the Tools Programmer position at ArenaNet, please send C++ or C# code samples along with your application.

Code samples are required for a complete application for our Tools Programmer Position: if you fail to send or include code samples you will not be considered for this position. 
If your code samples are not online, you may send samples to

Here is what we are looking for in your code samples:

  • Your best work.
  • Demonstrated breadth of programming skills.
  • Ability to write readable, maintainable and efficient code.
  • Ability to design clear abstractions and clean interfaces.
  • Appropriate selection of data structures or algorithms.

What we are not looking for:

  • Code any of your previous employers have prevented you from sending us.
  • Solutions to simple problems (such as counting the number of zero bits in an integer).
  • Straightforward implementations of published algorithms (such as A*).
  • Wrapper classes for an existing library.
  • Math libraries such as matrix and vector implementations.
  • That code that you wrote years ago but which you could write better today; we want to see examples of your current skill.

This is your chance to impress our engineering department and show us why we should hire you. So, send us a sample of your very best work, something you're proud of. If you don't have anything on hand that meets the above criteria, write some code that does.

This is a full time on-site position at our studio in Bellevue, Washington. A casual, friendly work environment, comprehensive benefits package, a competitive salary, and more are all part of what makes ArenaNet a great place to work.


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